Tuesday, December 17, 2013

E-catalogue 39: Holiday Gifts

A book is a very personal object. Scanning a person's shelves, one can learn a lot about a person's tastes, including idiosyncrasies and unusual interests. As a gift, a special book speaks eloquently and intimately to the recipient. We display a small sign in the shop, reading "Rare Books make Fine Gifts, Fine Books make Rare Gifts." Being squarely in the middle of the holiday season, we offer a selection of Fine and Rare Books that might appeal to yourselves or those on your gift list.

The recent book Elephant Lullaby from the Kaldewey Press is included. Examples from the Stanbrook Abbey, Vale, Allen presses and Eric Gill are here as well. There are Edward Gorey signed, limited editions, and one of his designed bean bag bats. New acquisitions of children's books and miniature books round out the list.

Please let us know when checking out if your order is a gift that must arrive before a certain date. As always, we thank you for taking the time to peruse our list, and we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.

Best wishes,

David, Anne, Phil, Shannon, and Jessica
Bromer Booksellers

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